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First time travelling on business to London without any delays :)
And I accidentally passed by the hospital where Kate is supposed to have her baby. There's like half a dozen photographers already waiting outside it *shakes head* And there's police and suspended parking (I presume for when Kate finally arrives?!)
And The Rathbone Hotel is much nicer than what I expected. Have to remember it.

Plus: I can't get over the fact how much more polite everyone is here. If you ask tham service guy of Deutsche Bahn something you can count yourself lucky if you get a correct answer. In London they not only get it right, they are really nice to you, as well.


My new obsession: Revolution

I just watched the complete first season of Revolution during the last week and found it really good, especially after the first couple episodes.
Billy Burke and David Lyons are awesome as Miles and Bass and I seriously hope there's going to be some kind of a team-up with those two in season 2.

Under the cut I tried to figure out the borders of the new countries of the former USA, based on the map we see in the Show. It's not perfect but hopefully Close enough.

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Star Trek Into Darkness

Anyone who does not want to be spoiled should not read on!

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone :)



Anybody else watching the Ghost of the Robot online concert http://www.stageit.com/ghostoftherobot in 16 days?


Funny Ghost of the Robot videos

Hehe, these made me laugh. James should do more comedies :) (And those curls are adorable)

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